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Once upon a time…

Your company goes to market with an amazing new product or idea. Everyone is ecstatic about it and it’s generating buzz through word of mouth that, “This is going to be big!” You're printing flyers, ramping up social media, using Google AdWords…all that stuff is working…sort of.

You've been hearing how powerful videos can be. How do you know what will work for you? You can’t spend all your time researching advertising and marketing firms that, after a while, all seem to blend together.

How can you engage qualified clients when you can’t choose which method to use?

That’s where we step in.

A Video Campaign Doesn't Have to Be a Jargon Filled Slurry of Confusion

Five31 solves the problem of creating meaningful and engaging videos. We’re developing new ways to make it easy for growing companies and products to get in front of the customers that really matter. As our client, Five31 will create plans tailored to your specific business or products that capture the attention of your intended audience through cross platform campaigns.

You don’t have to know advertising, marketing, design, or video lingo; we do.

The story of your business, why you offer your services or produce your products, and how you want your audience to view your brand is the backbone of a successful campaign. From the smallest details to the big picture, Five31 will work to understand the very essence of your company and put you on a path to campaign automation. You won’t have to worry about how to engage and succeed with your customers, we take that weight off your shoulders.

What people are saying...

“Liam is extremely conscientious, professional and reliable. He meets deadlines. He often adds input about copy or direction that makes for a better final product. And he has no problem taking the reigns if it makes for a more efficient work flow. And on top of all of those great qualities, Liam is a pleasure to work with. He’s kind, agreeable and flexible. Also, just a lot of fun!

I highly recommend him!”

— Corinne Paulsen, Production Director, Storyfarm

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Some of the clients who trust Five31

CJ Miller


Image Factory DC

VIVA Creative


Tabletop Journal


Northampton Community College

Ainsley & Co.

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign

Baltimore Gas and Electric

Fannie Mae


and more...

Discovery Channel



Science Channel


PNC Bank

Squad47 Films




Discovery Education

Next Day Floors





There's a Campaign for everyone.

The Principles

After working with clients again and again, we began
to hone our craft and created
4 Principles to Campaign Success

1 — Stories are Successful

Everyone loves a story. From the day you are born, you begin hearing stories. At Five31, we want to hear your story and turn it into a compelling narrative to engage with your customers.


2 — Establish Trust

A great narrative establishes trust and a bond between you and your customers. As a natural result from the first principle, your customers will become engaged and establish a trust in your brand.


3 — Nurture and Grow

You'll be taken under our wing and we will nurture and help your company grow. 


4 — Be Kind

That is pretty much the secret to life so we made it a principle of ours.

What people are saying...

“Liam, you are brilliant. Thank you!”

— Darren Durlach, Director, Early Light Media

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After entering your email address below, I'll send you a quick survey. The survey doesn't take any more than five minutes and gives me a brief idea of how Five31 can help your business.